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  • Design to deliverables - quickly estimate and bid projects
  • Collaborate with always up to date truss files
  • No site setup or remote desktop needed
  • Go paperless and access anywhere
  • Cross compatibility with many industry file types
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Our tailored solutions help you optimize truss design, streamline assembly, and ensure project success. Our solutions enhance accuracy, collaboration, and compliance, empowering you to achieve exceptional results at every stage of your workflow.

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Paragon Design

Quickly and efficiently design and analyze trusses using plates from multiple plate manufacturers. Paragon Design is the first cloud-based truss software that gives you the freedom to use any plate for any design for any shop. No site setup. No installs. No remote desktop needed. Experience independence with independent software.

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Layout App Icon

Paragon Layout

Paragon Layout is an extension for Paragon Design that enables 3D layouts and truss designs, ensuring precision and efficiency in your roof and floor systems. Create, visualize and optimize truss placements, facilitate collaboration simply with a link, and enhance accuracy with our intuitive and powerful layout tool.

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Icon for the Paragon Assembly App

Paragon Assembly

Paragon Assembly provides production lines read-only views of components as they are being assembled, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Enhance coordination, reduce errors, and streamline the production process with our intuitive, real-time assembly visualization tool that is always up to date.

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Paragon Projects

Paragon Projects provides a collaborative platform for managing projects across your organization as well as requesting for seals and repairs. Streamline your workflow, enhance project oversight, and ensure all critical information is accessible in one place. Improve efficiency and coordination across all stages of your projects.

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Paragon Markup

Annotate, markup, and seal Truss Design drawings with ease. Features include real-time collaboration, version control, and TrussLink integration. Streamline the review process, ensure accuracy, and enhance communication across teams with our comprehensive PDF markup and sealing tool.

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Paragon API

Paragon is driven by transparency, openness, and flexibility. We understand there are many unique shops with custom processes and needs. Enhance and grow these processes with the Paragon API without fear of losing work or progress due to swapping vendors. Leverage the power of Paragon to integrate custom solutions.

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Trusted by Industry Leaders

Jason from Shelter SystemsShelter Systems Logo

Paragon allows our production staff access to vital truss information and manipulable 3D visual representations of their components. It allows our employees to see the truss exactly as they need to build it.

Jason Hikel

Director of IT – Shelter Systems Limited

Photo of CH Machine EmployeeCH MACHINE logo

Paragon has been an incredibly valuable tool for our company for the past 2.5 years. The analysis and user interface are top notch, and the responsiveness and timeliness of the support team is impressive.

Tillman Allen, EI

Truss Designer for CH Machine